The facewash goes a long way. With just 2 little squirts onto the hand, it lathers so nicely and spreads more than sufficiently, leaving your skin feeling beautifully cleansed. The toner is divine! So refreshing to the skin. The moisturiser spreads all over the skin lovely with just a small amount. I love how deeply it moisturizers, especially in the Winter time, and it is absorbed almost instantaneously.
Thankful for a facial range that is full of the good stuff and is kind on the pocket.
– Elinor Kgati

I was lucky enough to WIN an awesome skincare package from HelloAloe Skincare.
I am probably the best person to try any new product as I am allergic to life! I react to absolutely everything: and my combo of dry; oily and sensitive skin makes for a perfect candidate!
Well, I have to tell you that I am absolutely sold! This product is amazing!
Face Wash: is fresh and I feel like it is actually removes any excess oil from my skin (I don’t wear make up)
Toner : is the perfect combo of soft and astringent.
Light Moisturiser : well this was a surprise as applying it I was worried with the heavy waxy feel; but that disappears instantly and you left with an amazing moisturized feeling. Which I have to add has been coping well in this heat
Needless to say I’ll be buying again! Give them a try!
– Lauren van den Heuvel

I have been using it for nearly two years now. My skin is now the best it has ever been. The Plus moisturizer is my favourite! My face always feels rehydrated. I am also loving the new Eye Cream with the French anti-ageing in it. My crows feet are starting to dissipate! Thanks Hello Aloe.
– Jacky Swart

Love the light moisturiser! Soft on my skin, not greasy but nourishing.
– Christa van der Walt