Facial Exfoliator




The unique formulation of the Hello Aloe Facial Exfoliator (50ml) cleanses, hydrates and has a micro-abrasion action on the skin, deep cleansing and removing dead skin cells.

The apricot kernel shells are a safe and sustainable micro-abrasion agent on the skin while the Cocomidopropylbetaine and Coco Glucoside provide a deep cleansing action.

Active Ingredients include:

Aloe Vera Extract: a great moisturiser that is a protectant against UV light. It assists wound healing, skin ageing and skin repairing. It further helps with skin blemishes and scars.

Grape Seed Oil: contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E and powerful anti-oxidants known as proanthocyanins which helps skin damage and promotes skin repair. It is mildly astringent and thus, helps to tighten and tone skin, also functioning as a great moisturiser.

Shea Butter: contains a group of Fatty plant acids which are great moisturizers and assist the prevention of premature skin ageing.

Avocado Oil: is known as a deep moisturiser as it can reach the secondary skin layers. Avocado oil contains Vitamin E, Anti-oxidants, Lecithin and Fatty acids which are excellent moisturisers. It thus, assists hydration, repair and protection of the skin.

Olive Oil: contains antioxidants and particularly Vitamin E, assisting premature skin ageing. Olive oil contains a vital compound called Hydroxytyrosol which prevents free radical damage to the skin.